Managing Impacts

White Rock Solar Farm is committed to ensuring the responsible and compliant implementation of the project. This commitment addresses the social and environmental impacts of the project through the application of:

  • specific management plans
  • targeted procedures and processes
  • consultation with local community and government agencies, and
  • ongoing review and monitoring to ensure:
    • achievement of the required performance objectives
    • compliance with the Development Consent
    • identification of any areas requiring improved management, and
    • corrective measures as applicable.

Potential social and environmental impacts have been comprehensively assessed. The Development Consent sets out conditions for the project. Our management system includes a broad range of measures to mitigate potential impacts and ensure compliance with all Conditions of Consent.

Our environmental management is incorporated into all aspects of the Project’s delivery and operation. Environmental processes and systems will be regularly reviewed to ensure responsible implementation of the project.

Key elements of our environmental management system include:

  • employee awareness training and site inductions
  • site specific procedures, guidelines and reporting framework
  • specific management plans required by the Development Consent.
Environmental Management Strategy

This Environmental Management Strategy  has been developed to address the conditions of approval for the project and serves as the primary guiding document for the management of environmental matters during design, construction, operation and decommissioning of the project.

On 28 April 2017, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment approved the Environmental Management Strategy for White Rock Solar Farm. The Strategy has since been revised and the approval letter can be viewed here.

The Environmental Management Strategy, including all the required Environmental Management Plans, such as the Traffic Management Plan and Landscaping Plan, can be viewed here.

Construction works for the project are complete and rehabilitation is well advanced.